We are the MQTT experts

Dominik Obermaier gives a speech about MQTT.

Since 2012 we accompany our customers from first drafts over Proof of Concepts to production deployments on their journey with the IoT protocol ‘MQTT’. New business models and disruptive technologies change entire markets and we help in making the Internet of Things a reality for our customers. Besides the pure technical protocol and network expertise we routinely realise BigData and FastData as well as individual projects, often using The Enterprise MQTT Broker ‘HiveMQ’ we developed. From Landshut, the lower Bavarian capital, we work with customers around the globe from different industries, making the Internet of Things a reality.

An awarded company

dc-square won German Accelerator Tech and Deloitte Technology Fast 50 2018 Germany

dc-square is among the leading experts for connecting machines, devices and applications – the Internet of Things.

Being one of only 14 companies, dc-square was accepted for the program German Accelerator Tech in the first quarter of 2019 , an acceleration program that supports German companies to enter the US market. Acceptance into this program means an important step for the company´s expansion. 

Also in 2018, dc-square was awarded with a second price, Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 Award 2018, an award that recognizes fast growing German companies. dc-square’s revenue had grown over 1200% in the 4 years before, placing the company as the sixth fastest growing startup in Germany in 2018.

Both awards could not have been possible without more than 100 customers using HiveMQ in production. These customers are using HiveMQ as the core infrastructure platform for building some very cool new digital products. They see HiveMQ and MQTT as being the way to create fast, reliable and cost efficient IoT applications.

Our Values

We are outstanding

Extraordinary results require an extraordinary team. Searching for and traveling new paths is what we require of ourselves.

We do the right thing

Ethical principles, honesty, fairness, and respect are important pillars of a resilient relationship, both with our customers as well as amongst our employees. There are many sub-par services available, which is why our software is stream lined to ensure that the customer gets what they need straight out of the gate.

We learn, share and grow together

Our claim to be the best in our area can only be achieved through constant betterment and improvement. We’re open not only to new ideas, but to sharing our knowledge and constantly seeking interdisciplinary synergy effects both in our relationships with our customers as well as the relationships between our employees.

Clarity & communication is key

Professional relationships are maintained with clear communication, even if that can sometimes be uncomfortable. We believe proactive communication is the key to achieving all mutual goals with our clients. We try to resolve problems constructively while continuing to look forward.

Team trumps Ego

Our team is better than the sum of its individuals. We make the claim to be the best in our area of expertise because our Team works as a unit instead of focusing on individual “Rockstars.” Success will be achieved through genuine camaraderie rather than through individual progress.

Be appreciative & grateful

In these hectic and fast moving times we sometimes lose focus of the essential – the individual. We make efforts to regularly stand still, reflect, celebrate and better ourselves. While each member of our team takes responsibility for their own successes, we believe in practicing mutual appreciation. We, as well as our customers continue to accomplish great things and we are thankful for that.

Superbly connected

As pioneers in connecting through MQTT we built a broad network of partners within the industry. We are actively develop the MQTT 3.1.1 standard at the standardisation consortium OASIS and are part of the technical committee at OASIS for the new MQTT version 5.0. Additionally we are part of the Eclipse IoT Working Group, one of the leading industry associations focusing on MQTT, and actively partake in developing Open Source MQTT client libraries.


From flower retailer to energy corporation, from convenience store to urban transport service.
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dc-square Christmas Charity 2018

Christmas is around the corner and another year comes slowly to an end. This is the time when we reflect about our accompblishments and especially who we achieved them with. We want to express our appreciation to all customers, partners, friends and acquaintances.
This year we have decided instead of sending out Christmas presents that we donate to non-profit organisations, picked by our employees.

We wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a great start into the New Year.