MQTT Consulting

MQTT, the lightweight Internet of Things protocol, captivates with its flexibility covering use cases from sensor to the cloud. Consultation covers every state of your MQTT project, from protocol evaluation to Go-Live. Dc-square will help you optimise the usage of MQTT and its numerous features, considering all aspects of your concrete use case. Architecture, resilience and scalability of the entire system are our main concerns on both the MQTT broker in the backend’s as well as on the client application’s side. Our customers value the year long expertise with MQTT, when we support systems from few clients to multiple millions of connected devices. Besides supporting projects we hold workshops and trainings, so every participant of the project has an ideal understanding of MQTT.

Architecture consulting & conception

Our consultants have developed and successfully helped create many IoT architectures with customers. That experience ranges from use cases with few simultaneously connected clients to internet scale architectures in the cloud connecting millions of clients, where we consulted and did work ourselves. We encountered challenges from the ideal use of load balancers to connecting big data systems and will gladly share that expertise for concrete projects. Resilience, performance, security and elastic scalability of the architecture are some of our main concerns in IoT projects.
Many of the best practises for the architecture of MQTT brokers in highly scalable and elastic cloud environments have been developed by our consultants and we will gladly share them with you.

HiveMQ Plugin Development

HiveMQ is the enterprise MQTT broker for ambitious and professional use cases. Its flexible architecture with an extensive plugin system allows the integration of external systems, from databases over LDAP to big data systems and microservices. We develop tailor made integrations to these systems as customised HiveMQ plugins, optimised for your use case. HiveMQ plugins we developed are certified and shine wth ideal scalability and excellent quality, so even the most ambitious projects can be realised in an ideal fashion.

Custom Software Development

We develop customised software for our customers, to enable ideal MQTT usage. The range of services goes from implementing individually tailored software libraries for MQTT usage over integrating existing software into new environments (e.g. integrating MQTT libraries into JavaEE projects) to developing customised tools that are necessary for the MQTT use case. From benchmark tools for MQTT brokers with millions of individual MQTT clients to customised MQTT libraries; our team develops ideal solutions, tailored for your individual needs.

Performance and Infrastructure Optimizations

Many MQTT use cases need lowest end to end latency and a high throughput of messages, requiring ideal performance on network, operating system and application layer. Additional to configuring and optimising the infrastructure and MQTT brokers, all other systems should be optimised for maximum throughput and lowest latency, so the entire system delivers the wanted performance at all times. We help identifying the bottlenecks for ideal use of all systems and technologies and getting the best out of your MQTT deployment.

HiveMQ Plugin Certification

The open source and flexible plugin system of the HiveMQ MQTT broker enables all Java programmers to develop custom add-ons and plugins. Nearly all external systems can be integrated with HiveMQ. We certify the plugins you developed, assuring support by the HiveMQ team and quick help in case of failure, regardless if your production, integration or test environment is affected.

MQTT Evaluation

Is MQTT the right protocol for your use case? Should specific requirements rather be depicted with HTTP REST, or could another protocol like CoAP, XMPP or AMQP be better suited? Is a mixture of protocols the way to go? We analyse your requirements and help your evaluation with our year long expertise. MQTT is not always the best protocol for your use case. We will gladly support your decision making process.