MQTT and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things changes many industries in a radical way. Machines communicate over the Internet and MQTT is the Lingua Franca for connecting things. MQTT is an open, ultra-lightweight, modern and scalable communication protocol for machines, devices and applications. We live in a fast-paced world, which is why MQTT is event-driven and allows for real-time data delivery over the Internet with lowest bandwidth consumption. The simplicity and flexibility of MQTT enables the the interconnection of smallest microcontrollers up to gigantic Big Data solutions via an open, standardized and extremely scalable protocol.

We are the leading MQTT experts in the german-speaking market and we offer our longstanding expertise to our customers. We know the challenges and pitfalls when it comes to enabling connectivity for existing and new products. Talk to us!

HiveMQ - The Enterprise MQTT Broker

HiveMQ is the MQTT broker for the connected enterprise: The puzzle piece between constrained devices and enterprise systems. Besides its best-in-class performance and scalability, custom Enterprise Integrations enable your business to handle huge message throughput at lowest latency and further process your data. HiveMQ is scalable, secure and simple by leveraging state-of-the-art technology.

HiveMQ empowers your organization to connect all your devices and services with minimal effort by using the de-facto IoT standard protocol MQTT. HiveMQ’s natural habitat is in the frontier between devices and enterprise systems. It makes sure all your devices and services share information via instant, bi-directional push messages and can send their current data to your backend systems in real time.

Our Expertise

We are the leading MQTT in the german-speaking market with experience in a variety of different markets and IoT application scenarios. With our holistic consulting services, we're covering the whole communication chain between device up to Big Data solutions. Scale MQTT from a few devices up to millions and profit from our longstanding experience with IoT communication.

  • Consulting on how to enable devices to be connected to the cloud as well as evaluation support for the best client side technology. We show best practices for a solid implementation of the client.
  • Consulting on how to avoid the common pitfalls of (unreliable) mobile, wifi or wired networks and make sure all messages reach their intended receiver.
  • Consulting and implementation support in choosing the right infrastructure components to handle the incoming traffic through firewalls, load balancers, etc.
  • Consulting and Implementation of a highly scalable, failure tolerant and secure communication endpoint that can handle 1 million+ concurrently connected devices.
  • Integrating the communication endpoint with backend services / Big Data systems and business functions.